No More Flip Cameras for Cisco

12 Apr

Technology giant Cisco released a statement just recently regarding a new path for the company. According to the statement, the company now intends to “align its operations”.  One of their steps is to eliminate parts of its consumer businesses.  It has also decided to put priorities to the four elements of their businesses.  These elements are the core routing, switching and services; collaboration; architectures; and video.

Cisco had to let go a part of its product line. One of the affected areas of the business is the product produced from their acquisition of Pure Digital which was estimated to be worth $590 million dollars. This product was Cisco’s video camera Flip business.  Despite its decision to shut down the flip business, Cisco still made sure that it will continue to support the customers of Flipshare as well as its partners.  The company also prepared a transition plan for such matter.

The said decision was based from the observation of the company’s top minds. Needless to say, cell phones are no longer devices for communication.  Just think of the top cell phone brands today such as iPhone, Android or Blackberry can also take images and videos.  Continuing with their Flip’s video camera is just not much of a use for the company anymore.


Nikon D5100 and ME-1 External Mic Hits Stores on April 21

5 Apr

Watch out Nikon DSLR lovers out there. The long wait is over.  Nikon’s D5000 is not as advanced anymore as the company is set to release the latest addition to its DSLR line come 21st of this month.

The latest addition to the DSLR product line of Nikon is none other than Nikon D5100.  Tagged as the “advanced beginner” camera, this is the shooting equipment that will definitely blow camera lover’s mind.

At a hind sight, the look of D5100 follows the one from D5000 but has the enhanced features.  Basically, the D5000 is a D90 but only made more convenient in terms of operation and size.  The LCD was also improved with the D5000.  With D5100, the great features of D5000 were retained.  One of these features is the 16.2 megapixel sensor; this feature is the same as Nikon’s current high-end consumer DSLR which is the D7000.

The D5100 also has the internals of D7000.  It can enable the shooter to internals helps the new shooter shoot great quality videos from 1080p video at 24fps, 25fps, or 30fps. It can record a maximum of 20 minutes.

Other improvements that came with D5100 is the fact that it is made more light weight and the size is made smaller for easier and more compact shooting experience.


No More Microsoft Zune

28 Mar

It’s official. Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Zune Media.  No more new hardware and no more new releases or whatsoever. It’s the end of the line for this media player from Microsoft.  Instead, Microsoft decided to put their attention on Windows Phone 7 and integrate it with Zune functionality.

The end of Zune is really not much of a surprise.  It was released in 2006 and frankly, not many improvements were given to Zune except for few upgrades regarding its software.  However, the reason for the pull of the plug is not really clear.

Zune is Microsoft’s entry in the portable music player games started by Apple. Though it has a very promising future when it was launched, it failed to cope up with the demands of the users.  As mentioned earlier, not many improvements were given. At one point, it tried to match the features offered by its biggest competitor which is Apple’s iPod.  In terms of sound quality and storage, it tried to stare at iPod face to face.  Still, there were a lot of applications that were still lacking.  It stayed as it is.

Overall, it was a Zune became an important brand for Microsoft. It was a great five years to spend.