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Take a Look at Samsung Galaxy S II

7 May

Samsung Galaxy S has a new successor.  This time, the features that everyone loved about the first born is made even better.  Samsung Galaxy S II has been in stores for quite sometime now.  There were a lot of expectations for Samsung Galaxy S II.  The popularity of its predecessor has made people expect great features from this Android powered phone.

The promise of this phone is on two main features.  In terms of its physical attributes, it would be improved by making it lighter and thinner that the first one.  The other feature is when it comes to the processor speed as it promises faster data processing.

Samsung Galaxy S II retails for £500.  As promised, one can be really impressed with its speed. It is responsive to the touch screen interface makes it more impressive.  With a great quality of display, it really makes it a good buy.

It also comes with a camera so the user can snap pictures anytime.  The quality of the images taken is clear and crisp too.   It can also take videos in 1080p resolution.

Many users were not disappointed.  Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S II has delivered the features of its predecessor which was made even better.


Asus Eee Machine Transformer in Amazon

29 Apr

The United States had anticipated the launch of Asus.  When the whole world was able to get their hands on the Eee Machine, US had to wait.  When it was finally made available, people from all over the country didn’t bat an eyelash.  In just a few hours, Asus Eee Machine Transformer was declared sold out.

Gone is the status of Asus Eee Machine Transformer in Amazon’s page as “in stock”.  The customers were excited with the Android 3.0 tablet which cost approximately $400 per unit.

The demand for the Transformer was so immense that aside from Amazon declaring the listing as out of stock, other outlets supplying the Transformer likewise declared out of stock. Among these suppliers include Target.

Asus also had stocks running out.  The “Where to Buy” page doesn’t make the transaction easy at all.

The low numbers of supplies or just the high demand, users seem to be attracted to the features of the Transformer.  With a display that comes in 10-inch size and a tablet OS rich in features, it’s definitely worth every cent spent.

No More Microsoft Zune

28 Mar

It’s official. Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Zune Media.  No more new hardware and no more new releases or whatsoever. It’s the end of the line for this media player from Microsoft.  Instead, Microsoft decided to put their attention on Windows Phone 7 and integrate it with Zune functionality.

The end of Zune is really not much of a surprise.  It was released in 2006 and frankly, not many improvements were given to Zune except for few upgrades regarding its software.  However, the reason for the pull of the plug is not really clear.

Zune is Microsoft’s entry in the portable music player games started by Apple. Though it has a very promising future when it was launched, it failed to cope up with the demands of the users.  As mentioned earlier, not many improvements were given. At one point, it tried to match the features offered by its biggest competitor which is Apple’s iPod.  In terms of sound quality and storage, it tried to stare at iPod face to face.  Still, there were a lot of applications that were still lacking.  It stayed as it is.

Overall, it was a Zune became an important brand for Microsoft. It was a great five years to spend.