Take a Look at Samsung Galaxy S II

7 May

Samsung Galaxy S has a new successor.  This time, the features that everyone loved about the first born is made even better.  Samsung Galaxy S II has been in stores for quite sometime now.  There were a lot of expectations for Samsung Galaxy S II.  The popularity of its predecessor has made people expect great features from this Android powered phone.

The promise of this phone is on two main features.  In terms of its physical attributes, it would be improved by making it lighter and thinner that the first one.  The other feature is when it comes to the processor speed as it promises faster data processing.

Samsung Galaxy S II retails for £500.  As promised, one can be really impressed with its speed. It is responsive to the touch screen interface makes it more impressive.  With a great quality of display, it really makes it a good buy.

It also comes with a camera so the user can snap pictures anytime.  The quality of the images taken is clear and crisp too.   It can also take videos in 1080p resolution.

Many users were not disappointed.  Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S II has delivered the features of its predecessor which was made even better.


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