Nikon D5100 and ME-1 External Mic Hits Stores on April 21

5 Apr

Watch out Nikon DSLR lovers out there. The long wait is over.  Nikon’s D5000 is not as advanced anymore as the company is set to release the latest addition to its DSLR line come 21st of this month.

The latest addition to the DSLR product line of Nikon is none other than Nikon D5100.  Tagged as the “advanced beginner” camera, this is the shooting equipment that will definitely blow camera lover’s mind.

At a hind sight, the look of D5100 follows the one from D5000 but has the enhanced features.  Basically, the D5000 is a D90 but only made more convenient in terms of operation and size.  The LCD was also improved with the D5000.  With D5100, the great features of D5000 were retained.  One of these features is the 16.2 megapixel sensor; this feature is the same as Nikon’s current high-end consumer DSLR which is the D7000.

The D5100 also has the internals of D7000.  It can enable the shooter to internals helps the new shooter shoot great quality videos from 1080p video at 24fps, 25fps, or 30fps. It can record a maximum of 20 minutes.

Other improvements that came with D5100 is the fact that it is made more light weight and the size is made smaller for easier and more compact shooting experience.



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